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Tesco – Spoon Guru Case Study

Following the success of our Spoon Guru campaign with Tesco, I was asked to create a motion case study which could be used in client meetings. This campaign in particular was a bit different to our previous ones as we had more insights to show the client than usual and therefore had an opportunity to …

TBP Blogger Hangout Video

Once we wrapped up our successful event, all footage was collected from the videographer and then passed on to me. My job was to singlehandedly sort the footage and assemble it into a cool video which we could use to showcase the success of the event. This was to include a brief summary, stats and …

TBP Hangout Promo

In order to promote our 2018 blogger hangout, I was tasked in creating a ptomotional video to be shared across our social channels Facebook, Youtube & Instagram. The video was to include footage & stats of our previous event while incorporating the theme of balls & bubbles that we were going to be using for …

TBP x Tesco Easter

I was tasked in creating a video case study for TBP’s Easter campaign with Tesco which aimed to promote the wide range of Easter eggs available on offer at Tesco, highlighting the variety and great value that was accessible at Easter. I therefore kept the no-so-subtle theme of Easter throughout the video.

TBP x So Barcelona

TBP teamed up with So Fragrance to send influencers on a trip to Barcelona to create content that promoted So Fragrence’s GLOW range. My job was to arrange the footage sent to me into a video that illustrated the success of the trip. I used Premiere Pro to put this video together.

TBP Social

One of my many responsibilities at The Blogger Programme is to design all graphic content that we push through our social channels. Here are some examples of the many Instagram stories I have created over the years.

TBP x Tesco FOTC

I was tasked with creating a case study video for the TBP x Tesco Feast of The Century influencer marketing case study. The Feast of The Century was an event put together by Tesco to help celebrate 100 years of delivering Christmas. The purpose of TBP’s campaign was to help bring exposure to the event …

TBP x Tesco Clubcard

I was tasked with creating a case study video for the TBP x Tesco Clubcard influencer marketing case study. The purpose of the campaign was to get influencers to post content highlighting the benefits of the Clubcard app as to encourage downloads to the app & subscriptions to the Clubcard Plus service.