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IRIS Software

I was commissioned to recreate a previous video for the accountancy software company IRIS. As they had just rebranded themselves, they needed their video rebranded. That is where I come in. The old branding was focused on the shape of an eye whereas the new branding was focused on chevrons. Since the branding was very …

Collect Plus Hero Video

I was tasked in creating a Hero Video for Collect Plus which was to be promoted as an ad across various platforms. I was handed a storyboard and given full freedom on how the video was to flow as well as on transitions and all motion. I then also created smaller sub versions of the …

Bucks Road Safety

I was tasked in creating a series on videos for Buckinghamshire council for their road safety campaign. The videos were to highlight the challenges and hazards of getting back on the road post lockdown. I was given a series of 5 posters which I was to use as reference when creating the videos. From these …

Virbac Social Ads

Virbac UK wanted to increase the quality of content that it put out on a daily basis in order to compete with the other pet health companies on the market. One way they wanted to do this was to create more engaging Facebook ads that utilised motion graphics. This is were I came in. My …

We Are SNS

I was tasked with creating a snappy teaser video for the Social Media agency – SNS. The video was to show snapshots of every different part of social media marketing that their services covered.

FC Extensions

I was tasked in creating a promotional video for First Choice Extensions who are a company that provide extensions and loft conversions. The video was to highlight the services they provide and to outline the speedy and efficient way they work with their customers.

MBI Healthcare

MBI Healthcare had created a new piece of software called LUNA whichthey planned to roll out to hospitals all across the country. My job was to create a video that explained it’s functions and effectiveness in its field. I was asked to include character animation that was diverse in race & gender.

TBP x Heinz

I was tasked with creating a case study for TBP x Heinz’s influencer marketing campaign that was put together to help promote the launch of Heinz’s new product ‘Saucy Sauce’ – a mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise.

Tesco – Spoon Guru Case Study

Following the success of our Spoon Guru campaign with Tesco, I was asked to create a motion case study which could be used in client meetings. This campaign in particular was a bit different to our previous ones as we had more insights to show the client than usual and therefore had an opportunity to …

TBP Blogger Hangout Video

Once we wrapped up our successful event, all footage was collected from the videographer and then passed on to me. My job was to singlehandedly sort the footage and assemble it into a cool video which we could use to showcase the success of the event. This was to include a brief summary, stats and …